How Outsourcing Drives Startup Growth and Innovation

Somewhere out there, there is a determined startup armed with its best strategies, looking into scaling up and going head-to-head with its biggest competitors. Is outsourcing among their grand plans? In this blog we discuss about how outsourcing drives startup growth and innovation! Read on!

Outsourcing is the business strategy of hiring third party businesses, companies, or agencies to perform a specific business service for you. Companies and organizations are often forced to recalibrate the way they manage their businesses and rethink their existing operations for a variety of reasons. Oftentimes, these recalibrations resort to outsourcing as an option. What exactly are the advantages of outsourcing and how does it help these startups?

1. Save significantly on costs

By choosing to outsource a specific business service, you significantly save time than choosing to hire an in-house employee. Having an employee is very costly. It takes a certain amount of time before they get accustomed to the task and be able to perform the job effortlessly.

With outsourcing, project deliverables are immediately worked on by outsourced agencies that are already experts in their field. This enables startups to scale up quicker than ever before.

It’s common for startups to have a budget that is tight knit. Outsourcing is a strategy that ensures you that you are able to achieve realistic results while spending the least amount of money possible.

2. Focus more on the core of your business

Startups always proactively think of ways to keep up with the pace of their mainstream competitors. Prematurely having too many employees at your disposal won’t give you space to be innovative. By choosing to outsource, you can focus on your core business and have your outsourced agencies worry about the rest.

3. Improve your services

What does outsourcing have to do with improving your own internal services? With outsourcing, startups which are fairly new tap into immediate experts who are willing to get outsourced to perform a business process for them. Because of this, existing strategies from these outsourced agencies are accustomed and aligned into the startup.

You start to learn how they do a specific project, and you realize how it’s done. This promotes continuous growth in your own startup and allows you to slowly transition into scaling up.

4. Access to resources

Resources more often than not, possess certain limits. There will come a time when there is no one in-house fit to perform a certain task and you will be driven to outsource instead. In cases wherein startups cannot find anyone qualified within the business, they can always manage to do so in other platforms and even in other countries.

Fortunately, the digital age and the sudden shift to remote work has made it particularly easier to access a bigger pool of talent by outsourcing to other countries. A significant number of companies have started connecting virtually and offering (and availing of) services online to help keep their businesses afloat.

Through outsourcing, your access to these resources expands.


Outsourcing helps build startup growth and innovation because it is less costly, less time consuming, and more fast-paced. With outsourcing, startups can maximize their resources by only hiring core in-house employees and tapping into the services of either freelancers or agency vendors for the rest. This also enables a startup to save on a number of valuable resources that would otherwise be used to train and maintain these personnel.


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