Pro5 Unveils its Rebranding: Reliable Remote Staffing Through the Top 5% Professionals (formerly Mangtas), an AI platform to find and hire the top 5% remote talents, unveils its new brand to be closer aligned to its core vision of bringing reliability to the fast-evolving remote staffing space.

Headquarters:  Singapore, Singapore


SINGAPORE — (February 21, 2024) —, formerly Mangtas, announces its comprehensive rebranding initiative today. This evolution involves a transformation of the company identity, including the name change to, a revamped logo, and a redesigned website, now accessible at

The rebrand is designed to have the company’s name and image closely aligned to what it does and stands for: making remote hiring reliable through working with the top 5% professionals (the “Pro5 Certified”), sourced through thousands of partners, and tested, interviewed & matched by the company’s proprietary AI.

For the first time ever, businesses are ready for remote work. With 5B talents now online, businesses have access to a whole new – and cost-effective – talent pool.

However, there is one thing that everyone remains concerned about: finding and hiring someone remotely just isn’t a reliable experience today, causing it to fail most of the time.

Rather than taking the recruitment agency route to solve this problem - which would require an army of manual recruiters, evaluators, and experts - was built as an AI platform to find and hire the top 5% remote professionals.

“'s rebranding is more than just a cosmetic change; it's a reflection of our company's commitment to revolutionizing the way businesses find and engage with top professionals.”, said Jacki Demuynck, Chief Marketing Officer of “By harnessing our proprietary AI technology, connects organizations with the top 5% professionals, streamlining the hiring process from months to just a matter of days.”

In line with's rebrand, the company introduces Naya, an AI hiring assistant. Leading a new frontier in AI-enhanced hiring, Naya was built in-house to offer a scalable, intelligent, and unbiased approach to sourcing, testing, interviewing, scraping, and matching of talents to remote jobs.

Wouter Delbaere, Chief Executive Officer of, emphasizes the significance of this rebranding. "Our new identity,, embodies our core vision to be the world’s most reliable remote staffing platform, where talents and sourcing partners thrive through quality & success, regardless of background or geography – leveling the global playing field.

This strategic move positions not only as a pioneer in the AI-driven, remote staffing space but also reaffirms as a key player in reshaping the future of work.  

About is an AI platform, specialized in finding and hiring the top 5% of remote professionals from cost-effective markets for roles like software developers, sales reps, and customer service experts.

The platform is powered by 3,500 trusted sourcing partners and proprietary AI technology that automatically sources, tests, interviews, structures 500+ data points, and matches only the best-fit talents to job descriptions – all based on objective & real-world capabilities, unlike traditional methods which rely on CV key words & theoretical tests,

This has proven to shorten the hiring process from months to days.

Discover more about's vision and services at the newly launched website:

Also see: Rebranding announcement video and 1-minute Intro video.

For further details and media inquiries, please contact Jacki Demuynck at jacki@pro5(dot)ai.