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"Through their vendor selection and rigorous candidate vetting process, Mangtas provides us high-quality candidates that result in a higher closing rate than other vendors, saving us a lot of time and speeding up our hiring.

They are also very customer-centric and responsive to our requests. It's been a pleasure working with them."


VP Engineering Ninja Van Group

“Mangtas really helped us by matching our staffing needs to highly vetted talents from their vendor ecosystem.

I can now focus on getting our exciting products to market – without having to worry about the unreliability and overhead that usually comes with outsourcing.”


VP Engineering, OhMyHome

"We believe in Mangtas’ systematic vetting and matching process!

Their data-rich and structured talent profiles really help a lot in building a point of view before deciding to proceed with an interview.

The team has always been very responsive and helpful in the process of selecting talent, onboarding, and maintaining the ongoing relationship.”


Co-Founder & CTO, StashAway

What is Vue Development?

Vue Development is the process of building web applications using the Vue.js framework.  

Vue.js is a popular open-source JavaScript framework that is designed to help developers build user interfaces and single-page applications (SPAs) more efficiently
. It is a progressive framework, meaning that it can be used incrementally and integrated into existing projects as needed.

Vue Development can involve a wide range of tasks, including designing and prototyping user interfaces, developing and testing code, integrating with APIs and back-end systems, and deploying and maintaining applications in production environments.

As the demand for engaging and responsive web applications continues to grow, Vue Development has become an increasingly important skill for web developers and organizations looking to stay competitive in the digital marketplace.

What are the common uses for Vue Development?

Building interactive user interfaces

Developing single-page applications (SPAs)

Creating reusable components

Integrating with other frameworks and libraries

Building mobile and desktop applications

Creating custom plugins and directives

Benefits of having a Vue Developer in your Team

With their in-depth knowledge and experience with the Vue.js framework, Vue developers are able to leverage their expertise and build high-quality, responsive web applications.

Vue developers are able to create reusable components and leverage pre-built libraries and plugins, which can significantly reduce development time and cost.

Vue developers possess the ability to build interactive and dynamic user interfaces that provide a seamless and engaging user experience.

Vue developers have the capacity to build scalable applications that can handle high traffic and complex data requirements.

It’s also possible (if not ideal) for Vue developers to work closely with other developers, designers, and project managers to ensure that web applications meet the desired functionality and design specifications.

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