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What is Rust?

Rust is a statically typed, open-source, memory-efficient programming language created by Graydon Hoare.

Even on embedded devices, Rust is incredibly proficient in powering high-performance computations without compromise.

Some of the most prominent smart contract blockchain networks are compatible with the Rust programming language which is why Rust is quickly becoming a crowd favorite among Blockchain developers.

What is Rust commonly used for?



Game Development

Data Science Backend

Web Development

Operating Systems

Benefits of Having a Rust Developer in your Team

Rust has a remarkable ability to provide convenience on low-level details. Because it doesn't need a garbage collector to run continually in the background, it has direct access to hardware and memory.

As a result, coding in Rust is similar to using a microcontroller application for low-level codes. Without compromising memory safety, you have complete freedom to replace pieces of code.

Rust is a fantastic solution for running on the extremely limited resources of embedded systems because of its incredibly low overhead.

The ability of Rust's zero-cost abstractions means that with whatever level of abstraction you use, Rust is generous enough to accept it all.

Loops, closures, or any other style of code that suits your mood at the time will all compile to the same assembly without degrading the efficiency of your work.

The lack of garbage collection contributes to Rust's high speeds.

Rust does not have runtime checking like many other languages do, and the compiler catches incorrect code early on. This stops erroneous code from spreading and wreaking havoc on the system.

The ability to monitor what's happening in the code in statically typed languages allows for a high level of simplicity.

Rust also encourages long-term maintainability by not requiring you to repeat the type of variable many times. Simply put, Rust allows nesting and closures, which enhance the code's maintainability.

Rust allows you to easily create cross-platform solutions that run on a variety of operating systems such as Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Notably, Rust lets you program both the front end and the back end of the application.

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