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Mangtas is where remote staffing is done – reliably!


"Mangtas" means outstanding or extraordinarily skilled.  Hence, we brand ourselves as Mangtas, which represents the quality of our people and the vendors in our marketplace.

1 out of 3 businesses are outsourcing today, whether it's for software development, digital marketing, lead generation, and beyond. 

At Mangtas, we recognize that finding a reliable outsourcing partner can be a challenge, especially since 80% of businesses and organizations begin their outsourcing journey with a Google search.

This leads to two significant problems: 

First, comparing, selecting, and transacting with a remote service provider can be an unreliable process.

Second, vendors need significant marketing, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to be discovered by potential clients.

To solve these issues, we have created a highly curated marketplace for businesses seeking reliable B2B outsourcing. 

Our goal is to make staff augmentation an efficient and dependable business model. Our platform ensures that clients work with highly vetted resources from our vendor partner ecosystem while being protected by our dispute resolution service. 

On the other side, vendors can build their reputation based on their track record, allowing them to focus on satisfying clients instead of reverse-engineering search algorithms. 

At Mangtas, our mission is to make B2B outsourcing reliable and efficient by creating a platform that streamlines the process for both clients and vendors. 

Join us on our journey to make remote staffing or staff augmentation a trusted and efficient business model.


To empower diverse talents and sourcing partners, ensuring quality and success are accessible regardless of one's background or location.

Corporate diverse startup team working and looking at papers on desk
Corporate Asian team holding papers, brainstorming and talking about startup business and projects


To become the world’s foremost remote staffing platform.

Recognized for our relentless commitment to innovation, unparalleled service quality, and the transformative impact we bring to businesses and individuals worldwide.


We strive to be an eco-friendly workforce and we stand behind eco-conscious business practices.

As we grow our business, we not only aim to do our part in the environment, but also to give back to our community. Check out our social media channels for updates on our Giving Back Campaigns and we invite you to support our causes with us.

Corporate diverse startup team working and looking at papers on desk


Mangtas helps you scale up your team through highly vetted staff from our exponentially growing partner ecosystem.

Every day, we provide newly vetted profiles in standardized formats through our AI-powered, data-driven matching system. This not only effectively streamlines your decision-making process but also enhances cost-effectiveness, ensuring a seamless staff augmentation experience.

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• Access to high quality talents
• Scalability through automation
• Worldwide admin streamlined
• Compliance
• Risk-free hiring

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• Scale through quality
• Help build the tech of the future
• 100% free of charge
• Reliable payments
• Industry-leading protection

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Meet our Executive Team.

Wouter Delbaere

CEO | Tech

Nuno Covas

CCO | Finance

Jaclyn Demuynck

CMO | People


We understand the value of increasing business, saving time and reducing costs.

If you are looking to scale-up your remote team, look no further!

Let us help through highly vetted staff from our global ecosystem.

Benefits for Vendors
Global Access
Available business opportunities from all over the world… or just close to home.
Cost Effective
The platform is FREE plus we do the marketing for you!
Build a Reputation
Accumulate positive client endorsements and elevate your status.
Ease of Use
Well structured collaboration tools integrated for a smooth and transparent work flow.
Direct Payout
Receive payment immediately upon project completion.
Benefits for Clients
Quality Work
Vetted and highly-skilled teams for your project needs.
Easy Management
Straightforward, single point of contact. Team leader will delegate to his/her team members.
Cost Effective
Reduce your costs by up to 70% without sacrificing on the quality of service/s you receive with just a small transaction fee.
Secure Payments
No hidden costs. Always know what you'll pay for upfront. Your payment won't be released until you approve the work.
Full non-disclosure agreements.
At Pro5, we help match businesses
to top tier, pre-vetted professionals
A New Era of Reliable Remote Hiring
While our name has changed, our promise remains unwavering:
Make remote hiring a seamless and dependable process.
About Pro5
Pro5.ai is designed to skip the biggest challenges associated with traditional hiring. Our platform does all the sourcing and screening and simply presents a shortlist of the best-fit, pre-vetted candidates. Through AI, we can effortlessly and objectively match any job requirement with top available talents.

We understand that the world thrives on talent, and every success story, innovation, or breakthrough is driven by the right people.

As an AI-powered hiring platform, our goal is to help you achieve your success story by reliably matching you with the right professionals to make it happen.

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Our Mission
To level the playing field.
Empowering diverse talents and sourcing partners, ensuring quality and achievement are accessible regardless of one's background or location.
Our Vision
To be the world's most reliable remote staffing platform.
Being the go-to place for remote full-timers, while seamlessly integrating with our clients' existing processes and systems.
Our Commitment
At Pro5, we make sure that reliability doesn’t remain just a word --
we make it a promise.

Our commitment to being a dependable partner in every situation is at the heart of everything we do.
How we can help you
Imagine accessing the top 5% of remote professionals, with profiles tailored to your specific needs.

Our goal is to simplify the search for the perfect candidate amidst an overwhelming ocean of potential by providing the best matches. We achieve this through a synergistic blend of human expertise and advanced AI technology resulting in smart, reliable, and cost-efficient hiring solutions.

At Pro5, we don’t just connect you with professionals,
we connect you with possibilities.
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